Student Financials handles refunds to credit cards and eChecks (ePayments) differently than check and direct deposit refunds.


When you refund ePayments using the Batch Refund process, the system creates a separate refund for each credit card payment, even if there are multiple credit card payments on one student's account. The system rolls any cash or check credits on the student's account into one lump sum refund that is separate from any credit card refunds.


In addition, unlike refunds created using the check or direct deposit format, you do not use your PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll for North America or Payables interface to complete the refunds. The system ignores ePayment refunds when you run the Refund Sheet Creation, Refund Calculation, Refund Confirmation, and AP Refunds batch processes. Instead, you run ePayment-specific batch processes that enable you to interface with your third-party credit card vendor to directly refund student ePayments.


In this topic, you will distribute refunds for web credit card transactions.

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