An appointment consists of an appointment number, a start and end date, and a start and end time. In Student Records, appointments are organized into appointment blocks. An appointment block is a group of appointments. Since you can define multiple appointment blocks, you can set up a variety of appointment types. For example, you can create one block with many appointments in 15-minute increments, and another with appointments in hourly increments. And you can create another block that contains appointments with varying lengths of time. You can also create multiple appointment blocks to allow some or all of the same students to have more than one appointment.


To create an appointment block, you can manually enter appointment numbers, dates and times, or you can use a variety of criteria to generate appointments in batch. The PeopleSoft system provides flexibility and control in defining when appointments will begin and end, and how long they will last. Additionally, you can easily define the maximum number of students in each appointment and you can see how many students are actually assigned to a particular appointment. The system updates the number of students actually assigned to an appointment when the Assign Students Appointment process assigns an appointment to a student, when you assign an appointment to an individual student on the Student Enrollment Appointment page, or when you delete a student appointment.


You create appointment blocks by session. You can reuse the appointment blocks that you created for one session for another session by selecting the first session as the appointment control session. When you select an appointment control session, the Enrollment Appointment page becomes unavailable for that session.


In this topic, you will generate a block of enrollment appointments.

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