When you first set up your Student Records system, you schedule new courses for the first time. You can then roll classes from term to term, add any new courses to your schedule, and if necessary, revise classes that are already scheduled.


Once you set up your course schedule for the first time, you can set parameters along the way that command the system to roll, or copy, certain courses from term to term, and you can request that certain verifications are made against a student's record at enrollment request time. Once you copy a prior term schedule to a new term, you can use the schedule of classes component to move existing courses from time period to time period, to add sections, and so on.


The scheduling features in the Student Records application include the following four components: Schedule of Classes, Schedule New Course, Schedule Class Meetings, and Schedule Class Section. The difference among these components is your view of the classes.


Other features of the class schedule function include how you create class associations, student permissions for enrollment, instructor schedules, class meeting patterns, facility search capabilities, producing the schedule of classes report, and copying classes from term to term.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Schedule new classes.

• Modify scheduled class meetings.

• View and update class sections.

• Roll data from the course catalog to the schedule of classes.

• Define class associates.

• Define class permissions.

• Create combined sections.

• Search for an available facility.

• Search for classes.

• Print the schedule of classes.

• Copy the prior term.

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