You can delete specific prospect records due to data errors or duplicate records. To do so, you specify the records to delete on the Delete Prospect Record page. When you save the page, the prospect's ID number goes into a prospect delete holding table. You can then re-enter the Delete Prospect Record page for any additional prospects that you want to delete. Run the Prospect Delete Process once to delete all the prospect records in the holding table.


The Prospect Delete process removes only the prospect record and associated prospect 3C information for the individual. It does not remove the person record. The process removes data entered from PeopleSoft Enterprise Recruiting and Admissions only; it does not remove data originating from any other application within PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Administration. 


In this topic, you delete a prospect record and confirm its deletion. You also enter a record to delete, but you remove it from the Delete Holding table prior to running the Prospect Delete Process.

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