This lesson describes how to create prospect records and assign prospects to recruiters.


Prospects are individuals in whom your institution is interested, and with whom you want to conduct ongoing communications to help determine if you want to actively recruit them for admission to your institution.


Applicants are individuals who have applied to your institution, and for whom you enter application records. You might or might not have an existing prospect record for an individual when you enter his or her application into your database.


You can create records for prospects who are of interest to your institution and add each prospect's applications to your database when they apply.


You can also assign recruiters for follow up. If you use recruiter regions, you can assign the prospect to a region based on the prospect's home address or the last school attended. You must identify the category of your institution's interest in the applicant or prospect, such as high test scores, athletics, parent attended, and so on. You can also assign groups of prospects to a recruiter by running the Recruiter Assignment process.


To create a person record, whether prospect or application, begin by using the Search/Match feature to determine if a record for the person already exists in your database. The person might already exist as one or more of the following:

• Prospect

• Applicant

• Student

• Alumni

• Employee

• Instructor


If the person's record does not already exist, you must create it by entering data on Campus Community's Biographical Details and Regional pages. These pages are shared with many components across applications, including PeopleSoft Recruiting and Admissions.


To create a prospect record, access these shared pages in the Create/Update Prospects component and continue to enter prospect-related data on the remaining pages in the component.


To create an application record, access these shared pages in the Add Application component and continue to enter application-related data on the remaining pages in the component.


For both prospect and application records, you must create one record per Academic Career (undergraduate, graduate, pre-law, and so on).  A record can include several programs within a career, but you can have only one record per career.


If your institution enables the Copy Data feature in its Admissions installation defaults, you can copy data from an existing prospect record to create the application record and you can copy from the application record to update the prospect record (or create the prospect record, if it does not already exist).


You can create Prospect records several ways. You can create them:

• One by one, manually, using the Create/Update Prospects component under Student Recruiting.

• By having your system administrator set the system to automatically create a prospect record each time an application is created and no prospect record for the applicant already exists. Automatic prospect record creation can occur either when the application is created manually or when applications are created by the Quick Admit Batch Apps process.

• In batch, for all individuals from a single test load.

• In batch, from user-defined queries.

• In batch, from a system-defined query.


You can create Application records several ways. You can create them:

• One by one, manually, using the Add Application component under Student Admissions.

• In batch, from test score loads.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Create prospect records manually.

• Create prospect records from as part of a test score load.

• Create prospect records from a query of previous test loads.

• Assign recruiters to a group of prospects.

• View a summary of a prospect's information.

• View a summary of recruiters assigned to a prospect.

• Delete prospect records (duplicates or created in error).

• Delete prospect records by batch.

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