To create alternate program offers you must first set up an alternate academic program and an alternate evaluation code on the Alternate Offer Table page. You select the primary academic program to which the person is applying (such as FAU), and then specify the alternate program (such as LAU). Thus, all applicants who get denied or waitlisted for FAU, in this example, get evaluated in the LAU program.


After you have set up alternate program and evaluation codes, you run the Assign Alternate Eval Codes process that assigns the alternate evaluation code to applicants. You will select applicants based on academic institution, the academic program that they requested, and the admit term. For example, if you select the program FAU and admit term 0450, the process will assign an alternate evaluation code to applicants who applied to but were denied or waitlisted to FAU in Fall 2001.


After you have assigned alternate evaluation codes to applicants, you must either run the materials extract process, or assign the materials manually. Then you must run the Evaluation Calculation process to evaluate them in the new program using the new evaluation code that you just assigned to them.


After the Evaluation Calculation process calculates the overall rating score, you run the Alternate Programs process. The Alternate Programs process compares the minimum rating score that you define to the overall rating score that the Evaluation Calculation process calculates. If the applicant meets the criteria, the Alternate Programs process inserts a new row in the person’s application for the existing application number and assigns a new program number. Thus, you still have access to the application in which the person was denied or waitlisted.


Consider the scenario: Few applicants were denied admission to the FAU program. You have already set up the alternate program as LAU so that all applicants who get denied for FAU get evaluated in the LAU program. Additionally, you have already assigned the UG Applicants evaluation code to the FAU applicants. You want to run the Alternate Programs process so that the denied applicants are admitted to the LAU program if their rating for Academic Performance component is equal to or more than 3.

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