The Assign Students Appointment process assigns or deletes enrollment appointments in batch for a career, term, and session.


The process:

1. Identifies the students that fit the criteria of the student appointment block.

2. Ranks the students based on priority rankings set up on the student appointment block or based on the override rankings selected on the Assign Appointments page.

3. Ranks the students further, if necessary, based on a simple randomization feature that loads the student IDs into a temporary table and then randomly assigns them a number.

4. Assigns the students, based on their ranking, an appointment number and unit limit information. The process stores this data on the Student Appointment table.


Assigning or deleting appointments using the Assign Student Appointments process updates the Number of Students Assigned field for the assigned appointments on the Enrollment Appointments page.


In this topic, you will run the Assign Student Appointments process.


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