Use the Student Aid Package page to manually award aid by populating the tabs on the page and inserting additional rows of awards as desired.


To populate the Offered amount for an award, leave the Offered field at zero and validate the award.


For example, to let the Validation process determine the correct Pell Grant amount for a student, enter the Pell Grant financial aid item type, leave the offer amount at zero, and click the Validate button.


During validation, the Pell Grant amount is calculated based on the student's eligibility and institutional rules. This amount is returned to the page along with the scheduled disbursements.


After you have entered all awards for a student, run the Validation process before you can post the awards to the award tables.


Validation checks that the student is eligible for the awards entered and that no packaging rules have been violated, such as minimum and maximum award limits, aggregate limits, fiscal fund availability, federal eligibility, and financial aid item type rules. Validation may reduce an award amount or set an award amount to zero to comply with rules and limits. Validation must be successful before the Posting routine can be run. Posting is the final step when you are manually awarding students.


In this topic, you will award financial aid manually.

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