To run the Graduation Reporting process:

1. Select the Select Population check box and enter your student population selection criteria on the Graduation Reporting page.

2. Click the Run button to run the Graduation Reporting process.

3. Click the Fetch button on the Selection Results page to populate the page with your resultant student population.

4. Delete rows to remove students that you do not want to process. Insert rows to add students who did not match your parameters, but that you want to process.

5. Navigate to the Graduation Report page and clear the Student Population check box.

6. Select the run option check boxes and their respective data.

7. Click the Run button and run the Graduation Reporting process. If you run a report, you should use a type of Web and a format of PDF. 

8. After the process completes, you can do the following:

a. Navigate to the Transcript Generation page to generate transcripts. Use the transcript request number on the Graduation Report page.

b. Navigate to the Student Degrees page or the Degrees page to view updated degree checkout status values.

c. Review the Graduation report.


Because degrees are sensitive data within Student Records, The PeopleSoft system offers Degree Change Audit functionality that captures and displays detailed information about student degree postings or changes to postings. Changes include online changes to the Student Degrees page that occur when you click the Update Degrees button on the Student Degrees page and changes to any of the pages in the Student Degrees component. Inserts, updates, or deletions on these pages cause the system to write an audit record to the Degree Change Audit table.


Use the Degree Change Audit component to search your database for details about degree changes.


In this topic, you will run the Graduation Reporting process for a selected group of students.

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