Understanding the Tuition Calculation



  1. Before you calculate tuition, a number of components  must be set up, for example:

    • The SF Business Unit.

    • A billing and due calendar.

    • An adjustment calendar.

    • Tuition calculation controls.

    • Trigger criteria.

    • Term fees.

    • Tuition group criteria and tuition groups.

    • Waivers.


    Students must also be enrolled and activated in a term. You do much of this setup once, and modify it rarely, if ever.

    Step 1
  2. Notice the Tuition Calc Required check box. A selected check box (even though it is grey) signifies that something in a student's  account has changed, so the tuition should be recalculated.


    There are certain actions that will happen in a student's account that will result in the tuition flag being turned on. There are also actions that will not flag a student's account, so you will have to run the batch calculation for everyone or just for the individuals affected.

    Step 2
  3. The following lists the actions that will turn the Tuition Calc Required flag ON:

    1. Adding a row to term activation.

    2. Adding a row to Student Program Plan (not correcting an existing row).

    3. Changing the Override Tuition Group.

    4. Changing a value on the Optional Fees per Student component.

    5. Changing or adding an equation variable for the student.

    6. Changing or adding Student Enrollment.

    7. Changing or adding to Residency Official (could place the student in a different Tuition Group).

    8. Posting Grades.

    9. Changing the Student Group.

    10. Changing Enrollment data.

    Step 3
  4. Changing any of these fields on Student Career Term Record

    will always trigger the recalculate flag:





















    Step 4
  5. Changing any of the following will NOT turn the recalculate flag on and will require that batch calculation be run on the Tuition for Multiple Students page for everyone or for the individuals affected:

    • Changing anything on an item type.

    • Using Correction mode on student program/plan instead of adding a new row for a data change will not turn the flag on.

    • Adding a row for a new program/plan will not turn the flag on if the default on the SF Business Unit is set to No.

    Step 5
  6. Changing any of the following on the Set Up SACR, Product Related,

    Student Financials, Tuition and Fees menu will NOT set the flag: 

    • Adjustment Calendars

    • Billing and Due Calendars

    • Tuition Calculation Controls

    • Criteria

    • Term Fees

    • Min/Max Fees

    • Waivers

    • Transaction Fees

    • Tuition Groups


    Note that if you change a Tuition Group on the setup page,

    (like changing criteria, term fees, adding waivers to term fees, etc.)

    that does NOT set the flag; however, if you change the Tuition Group 

    on the Student Record page, that WILL set the flag.

    Step 6

This concludes the "Understanding the Tuition Calculation" topic.

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