Processing a student’s transfer credit can be complicated and time-consuming. Aside from transferring credit from an external organization to your academic institution, you might want to move a student's credit from one academic career to another or from one internal academic institution to another.


To make processing transfer credit easier, use the Batch Transfer Credit feature. This feature enables you to process transfer credit by batch, simplifying your online data entry and reducing processing time. Provided that you have already entered the student’s external education record and defined the transfer credit equivalency rules, you can submit a request to have transfer credit modeled for a group of students that match the parameters you specify. Once you submit your request, the system performs the model setup, transfer articulation, and posting processes for all students in the group.


To process transfer credit by batch:

1. Define the posting process on the Process Definitions page.

2. Define the processing parameters for the group of students to process by batch on the Transfer Credit Batch page. Then run the process through Process Scheduler.


In this topic, you will process transfer credit for a group of undergraduate students in the fall term.

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