You can use your system to get accurate counts of how many attendees you invited to an event, how many plan to attend, and how many actually attended.


You can identify attendees who are in your database versus those who are not. You can also add guests as attendees and associate them with the host attendee who invited them. Tracking guest information this way is especially useful in social situations. For example, if you recall that an attendee invited two coworkers who are key figures in the local community, and you want to determine which attendee works with and invited them, you can check the list of attendees to verify who invited whom.


Attendees do not have to exist in your database to attend an event. However, to add each attendee to your database, use the Biographical Information pages to create records and add them to your database. Adding attendees to your system enables you to include them in any confirmation, thank you, or other letter that you generate for the event.


Consider this scenario: To easily manage the upcoming job fair and plan events thereafter, you need an accurate count of people you invited, how many plan to attend, and how many attended. Use the Event Attendance component to track this information.

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