Use the Schedule Class Meetings component when you want to modify or maintain data for an individual class section that has been scheduled. This component contains three pages—the Meetings page, the Enrollment Cntrl (enrollment control) page, and the Exam page. These pages are the same as those in the Schedule New Course and Schedule of Classes component.


For example, if you have a course that has twenty scheduled sections for a term and you want to make changes to only two of those twenty sections, use the Schedule Class Meetings component to make changes to each of those two sections individually. Since the system only has to run edit checks on the individual class section rather than all twenty class sections, you benefit from the system’s faster performance.


To modify a scheduled class meeting:

1. Update meeting times, facility reservations, and instructor assignments on the Schedule Class Meetings - Meetings page.

2. Update class size, wait list limits, class status and consent on the Schedule Class Meetings - Enrollment Cntrl page.

3. Link exams and edit exam facility information on the Schedule Class Meetings - Exam page.


In this topic, you will update the facility and meeting pattern information for a scheduled class section.

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