You can add recruiter records to person records in your database. The person record must already exist or you must create it. The recruiter record is attached to the person's ID, therefore an individual's person ID and recruiter ID are the same.


For each Academic Career for which a person recruits, you must add a separate recruiter record. However, you can assign the recruiter to multiple categories, regions, centers, and programs within each career. When you create prospect and application records, you also assign them to categories, regions, centers, and programs within a career. You use this data to link the recruiter to the prospect or applicant for follow up.


Consider this scenario: You want to create a recruiter record for a student at your institution so the student can help evaluate prospects identified at a national event. You must assign the recruiter to the appropriate categories and to the appropriate recruiting centers and programs at your institution. You also want to exclude the recruiter from a specific region which is being handled by another recruiter, except for a specific school within that region. You want the student to recruit from that school because he has long-established family affiliations there.

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