Once you set up your grading schemes and grade bases, define mapping rules, and generate grade rosters, you are ready to enter grades. System administrators or power users can enter grades directly to the Grade Roster page for each class.


If you purchased the separately licensed PeopleSoft Enterprise Gradebook application, instructors can also enter grades there. Instructors or other authorized self-service users can also enter grades through PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Self Service, another separately licensed PeopleSoft application.


To enter grades online:

1. Enter grades and transcript notes on the Grade Roster page.

2. (Optional) Review student enrollment detail on the Student Enrollment Detail page.

3. (Optional) Enter or review a transcript note for the student on the Transcript Note page.

4. (Optional) Enter student incomplete information on the Student Incomplete page.

5. Save the grade roster.


In this topic, you will enter and approve a student’s final grade for a class.

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