You can query candidate data from previously loaded test scores to create prospect records.


Testing agencies such as ADA, AMCAS, and LSDAS usually send test scores to you for individuals who want to apply for admission to your organization. When you download the test scores, the system creates an application for each of the individuals. If your system is set to create a related prospect record each time an application is created, the system creates the prospect records from the test scores for you.


However, if your system is not set to automatically create prospect records from applications, you will want to create the prospect records from the test scores data yourself.


Define your own queries using PeopleTools' Query Manager or modify the sample data queries that Oracle delivers. Then use the query when running the Create Prospects from Tests process to select the specific population of applicants that you want to recruit and for whom you want to create prospect records.


Consider this scenario: SAT scores were previously loaded into your system, but no prospect records were created. You want to create prospect records from those scores for the undergraduate career at your institution.

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