As applicants are denied or offered admission to your institution, you must update the Program Action field on the individual's Application Program Data page. The PeopleSoft system recognizes that an application decision has been made when the Program Action field has been changed.


When a person initially applies, the program action is Application. After your institution has completed the evaluation process, the applicant’s program action can be changed to Waitlist, Waitlist Offer, Admit, Deny, Matriculation, or any other value that is delivered with your system. To enter new program actions, you must add effective-dated rows, enabling you to maintain a history of previous actions.


If you have only one applicant to admit, you can add the row directly on that individual's Application Program Data page in the Maintain Applications component as described in this topic. If you want to admit multiple applicants into the same career, program, and admit term, use the Action/Reason Entry page as described in a separate topic.


In this topic, you will admit an applicant.

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