An applicant can apply to multiple programs. You can add as many programs as the applicant wants while creating the application. However, once an application is entered and saved, you must use the Program Addition page to add programs to an existing application as described in this lesson.


When you add a program, the Program Action automatically becomes Application. As the applicant progresses through your admissions process for a program, you will want to update the Program Action and Action Reason for that program. To do so, you must add rows either on the Application Program Data page for that individual or use the Action/Reason Entry page to update several applications with the same career, program, and plan, to the same action and reason. For example, if your institution has deferred the decision for several applicants with the same undergraduate career, Intercommunicative Technology program, Communication Technology plan, and admit term, you would use the Action/Reason Entry page to change the Program Action to Defer Decision for each of those applications.


For now, you only need to add a program to the existing application.


Consider this scenario: An applicant whose application is already in your database, applies for an additional program in the same academic career as the existing application. You want to add that program to the application.

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