Use your professional judgement on the INAS Federal Extension Override EFC page to override the academic or non-standard parent contribution or student contribution.


You must select an INAS Rule Set before setting the Budget Duration, overriding the EFC, or creating an extension record. Failing to do so affects your expected results.


Enter the actual positive value for the parent contribution and/or student contribution for each award period.


To use your override values, you must select Use EFC Override Values and call INAS. To use actual calculated values, simply clear the check box and call INAS.


Click the Defaults button to reset the student contribution and parent contribution to current values from STD_AWD_PER. If you have already calculated INAS using overridden values, those same values are returned when you click the Defaults button. To retrieve calculated values as the default, clear the Use EFC Override Values check box, call INAS, return to this page, and click the Defaults button.


Make sure the budget duration set in Local Policy Options or at the extension level supports the EFC overrides being established for the award period. Warning messages appear if you create overrides for an award period not supported by the budget duration.


In this topic, you will override EFC components.

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