You can track the official and self-reported residency of individuals at your institution. You can also enter data for residency appeals.


Using the Resident Table page, set up codes to represent the residency rules of your institution. For example, your institution might require residency codes for residency that is in state, out of state, in district, out of district, and so on. On the Residency Exception Table page, set up exceptions to the residency rules. For example, an individual may be exempt from nonresidency requirements because he or she is in the military. Exceptions are especially useful in tuition calculation.


After you set up residency codes and residency exception codes, use the Official Residency 1 and Official Residency 2 pages to record residency information that your institution has verified, including the individual's in- or out-of-state residency for a specific term. You can enter unofficial, self-reported residency information on the Residency Self-Report page.


When an individual appeals residency information, you can enter the date of, status of, and comments about the appeal on the Residency Appeal page.


In this topic, you need to enter a student's residency data into your institution's database.

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