The Mid-Term Deficiency process generates a report that lists students with deficient midterm grades. Deficient grades are those grades with a grade input value that is equal to the value in the Grade Input field on the Mid-Term Deficiency report.


Once you generate a report of midterm deficient grade records according to criteria that you define, you can create midterm deficiency letters for students with deficient midterm grades.


To generate mid-term deficiency letters:

1. Set up mid-term deficiency keys on the Communication Speed Keys page.

Once you set these parameters you do not have to set them each time you run the report. Select the Administrative Function of STRM, which is a delivered value. When defining your communication speed key for mid-term deficiency reports, select the method of letter, the direction of out, and the letter code of MAD (Mid-Term Academic Deficiency).

2. Generate mid-term deficiency reports on the Mid-Term Deficiency Report page.

In addition to generating a report of mid-term deficiencies, the report places students with deficiencies into the Communication table so that you can generate a letter informing them of their deficient grades.


The Mid-Term Deficiency report creates one mid-term deficiency communication record per student with a deficiency. Once you run letter generation for letter code MAD, the system inserts a row in the corresponding comma delimited (.CSV) extract file for each deficient class for the term. Using Microsoft Word Merge, the system creates a single letter for a student with mid-term deficient grades. The letter includes up to 10 classes in which the student is deficient.


If you run the Mid-Term Deficiency report and letter generation again at a later date, Microsoft Word Merge produces student letters that include all previously deficient classes for the term as well as any newly selected deficient classes.


3. Generate letters on the Letter Generation - General Parameters page. To generate mid-term deficiency report letters, select the letter code of MAD.


In this topic, you will generate a midterm deficiency report for the fall term.

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