If your institution admits foreign students or hires individuals who are not citizens of the country where your institution is, you should set up codes that classify the types of visas and permits required by the appropriate governments.


Each country has its own regulations for permitting foreign employees to work, visit, or reside there. To track information about the visas and permits required for individuals to work at, visit, or attend your institution, use the Visa/Permit Data page.


Use the Supporting Document Table page to set up document codes to identify documents (birth certificates, letters of employment, immigration application letters, and so on) that are required to obtain or support each visa or permit.


If your institution licenses and uses PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS, many visa and permit types and supporting document IDs might already exist in your system.


Consider this scenario: a Canadian citizen has recently submitted her visa permit data to your institution. You need to enter her visa permit data.

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