Program Action codes designate the status of a student in a program from the time he or she is an applicant and throughout his or her academic career. For example, a student must have a program action of Matriculate to become a student, and a program action of Activate in any term in which he or she wants to enroll.


When you use program actions to change a student's program data, the corresponding program action status often changes. For example, the program actions Activate, Matriculate, and Readmit all update the student's program status to Active. However, the program actions Program Change or Plan Change have no effect on the program status.


For certain program actions, if you enter the program action but the student is enrolled in classes where the start date of the term is after the effective date of that program action, the system displays a warning message because these are future enrollments. If you receive the warning message for one of these program actions, then perform the appropriate action, based on your institution's business practices, on the student’s future class enrollments.


In this topic, you will manually activate a student in a program by entering the appropriate program action code.

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