Use the Add Application component to manually create an application record. As with prospect records, you must create a separate application for each academic career (undergraduate, graduate, law school, and so on) to which the individual is applying. You can, however, have several programs within the same career on one application.


The Biographical Details and Regional pages, the first two pages in the Add Application component, are PeopleSoft Campus Community pages that are shared across applications, including PeopleSoft Recruiting and Admissions. When you save data on these pages in any application, the data is updated across all applications. The remaining pages in the component are for application-specific data.


Application data can be tracked at various levels of detail depending on your institution's requirements, so it is important to enter that type of detail on the application record.


You can also assign the application to recruiters on the application record.


In this topic, you add an application for a prospect who is already in your database.

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