Effective recruiting of your prospects and applicants is critical to your overall enrollment management strategies. PeopleSoft Student Administration provides the tools to record, analyze, and identify your recruits by geographic and demographic regions, recruiting categories, and through your staff and volunteer recruiters.


A recruiter can be anyone in your campus community (staff, faculty, student, alumni, and so on) who helps with the recruiting and admissions process. Recruiters can be organized in PeopleSoft Student Administration to recruit prospects associated with a geographic region, academic plan/major or by career (for example, undergraduate, graduate, non-degreed).


After you add a recruiter record for a person in your database, and after you create a prospect or applicant record for an individual interested in your institution, you can assign the recruiter to that prospect or applicant for follow up.


In this lesson, assume that recruiter types and roles, categories, regions, centers, and programs, are set up in your system and that the recruiter region tree is set up and activated.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to add a recruiter record.

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