The Pell Payment process begins with the submission of an origination or origination and disbursement record for payment. You use origination data to verify a student's eligibility, identify possible conflicts with other institutions, and initiate processing the disbursement record. After the origination record is received and processed, you can import an acknowledgment and response from the processor into the Campus Solutions system. The response contains the status, such as accepted, accepted with corrections, duplicate, or rejected.


Use the disbursement record to report a disbursement or expected disbursement for each student. After origination is accepted, you can process a disbursement record. If you send both records simultaneously, the system processes originations before disbursement.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Create Pell origination records.

• Manage Pell origination.

• View Pell disbursement data.

• Select and send Pell data request types.

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