PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Community serves as the hub of your PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions system, providing many features basic to all of the applications.


Campus Community enables you to maintain and manage a wide range of biographic and demographic information on people and organizations of interest to your institution, both internal and external. With Campus Community's comment and communication features, you can manage all of your institution's contacts with students, prospects, recruits, staff, vendors, and so on. The checklists function enables you to track activities for prospects, students, and staff. Event and committee management features streamline and simplify the organization of committees and events across your campus.


This module describes the concepts behind Campus Community and presents procedures for designing and using your system.


Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

• Maintain biographic/demographic data.

• Maintain health data.

• Maintain identification data.

• Maintain participation data.

• Use Population Selection.

• Use communication functionality.

• Use comments functionality.

• Use checklists functionality.

• Maintain organization data.

• Maintain event data.

• Maintain committees.

• Maintain service indicators.

• Maintain FERPA privacy control data.

• Manage SEVIS solution visa processing data.

Table of Contents