Use the Grade Lapse process to convert posted In-progress or Incomplete grades to some other grade you specify. You can define grades as In-progress on the Grade Scheme table.


Typically, you run the Grade Lapse process two to three weeks after all grades are entered and posted. Your lapse deadline can be prior to the processing date.


To run the Grade Lapse process:

1. Define grade lapse rules for your academic programs on the Incomplete page.

2. Enter and post grades for a given time period.

3. Run the Grade Lapse process on the Grade Lapse page.

4. View new, lapsed grades on the Incomplete page.


Once you set up your grade lapse rules, you can run the Grade Lapse process at any time. The Grade Lapse process uses the lapsed grade that you indicate to populate the Student Incomplete page. Later, you can post the new grade.


In this topic, you will run the Grade Lapse process for undergraduate liberal arts students in the fall term.

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