Class association numbers link all class sections that constitute a single offering. With a common association number you can control the sections of classes in which a student must enroll and also control elements of the sections including units, components (such as lab, lecture, and discussion), and requisites.


Use the Class Associations component when you have scheduled classes and an administrative or academic change dictates that you must add or modify class components, or adjust units within associated sections.


Regardless of how many components a course offering has, always use a unique class association number to identify it. This is also true for offerings that have a single component, such as a lecture. Then each section is in its own group; this permits a student to be enrolled in one section and on the wait list for a more desirable section.


In addition, assigning a unique class association number enables you to vary the units, requisites, and components of individual sections when you have a single component course.


In this topic, you will review the class associations for a scheduled class.

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