To Drilldown a report you need to select a DrillDown layout which inherits all the criteria of the selected cell on the original report and provides a subreport with the details you need. Because DrillDown depends on child layouts, you might want to create a library of common layouts to use. These might include:

• Accounts by department.

• Products by cost center.

• Accounts by period.

• Departments by benefit plan.


The key to DrillDown is the passing of selection criteria from a parent cell to its child using the DrillDown layout. The child layout may have criteria of its own (possibly on other fields than those mentioned in the parent), but any conflicts in criteria must be resolved so that the child query accesses a subset of the data selected from the parent query.


Criteria for fields from the original report override any specified in the DrillDown layout, with the exception of nPlosion options, which enable you to see more detail than in the original report.


Within a DrillDown layout, you can specify TimeSpan nPlosion without entering a TimeSpan, since the DrillDown layout inherits the TimeSpan of the original report.


In this exercise, you will DrillDown an existing report.

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