Understanding Report-Specific Options



  1. In Crystal Reports, select File, Report Options to access the Report Options dialog box, where you can set report-specific options.

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  2. Use the Report Options dialog box to change the settings in the current report.


    The Report Options option is only available if you have at least one report opening.

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  3. Note that:

    •  Use the Options dialog box to change the default values for the program.

    •  Use the Report Options dialog box to change the options for the current report.

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  4. Use the Database Server is Case-Insensitive option to specify whether the SQL data you use in the report becomes case sensitive.


    If the data you are using contains fields where the data is in both upper case and lower case, and you do not want to categorize the data by this aspect, select this check box.

    Step 4
  5. Select the Use Indexes Or Server for Speed option to enable the program to use available indexes/servers to speed the record selection process.


    When you clear this check box, the program selects records without the use of indexes/specified servers (a much slower process).

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  6. Select the Save Data With Report option to save the current data with the report.

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  7. Select the Suppress Printing If No Records option to suppress the printing of a report if that report does not contain any records.

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  8. Select the Create Group Tree option to create a Group Tree for use in the Preview tab. Using the Group Tree view, you can drill-down on group data.

    Step 8
  9. If you want to use objects from this report in the Report Part Viewer, define the home object in the Initial Report Part Settings area.


    The home object provides the base for a path of Report Part hyperlinks; it also becomes the first object from the report that appears in the Report Part Viewer.

    Step 9
  10. The Preview Pages Start With list enables you to select the default level of magnification for displaying reports on the Preview window.


    The available options are Full Size, Fit Width, and Fit Page.

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