nPlosion criteria can be classified into nPlosion Type and nPlosion Options.


nPlosion Type


There are four different nPlosion types, which can be combined with nPlosion options to create different reports depending on the data you want to retrieve.



Select this option to disable nPlosion for this field. If you have previously selected a type of nPlosion, you must select None to remove the selection.


To bottom of tree 

Select this option to nPlode all the way to the bottom of a tree (including detail values) from a selected node. If you decide to include detail, all subnodes are also displayed with summary values of the rollup for those nodes.


To specified level 

Select this option to nPlode down a tree to the specified node, including or excluding intermediate data. This will enable you to retrieve any branch of data from a given tree.


To immediate children

Select this option to nPlode one level below a selected tree node.


To details only

Select this option to nPlode from a given node to all its detail values.


nPlosion Options


Include Underlying Detail

When trying to nPlode from a node to another subnode or to the bottom of the tree, select this option to include all of the detail and summary subvalues for each subnode.


Suppress Nodes Without Data

Select this option to suppress nodes or subnodes with a value of zero from the report instance.


Exclude Intermediate Levels

Select this option to exclude intermediate subnodes if a report is being nPloded from a node to another level or to the bottom of the tree.


Utilize Outline Feature

Select this option to roll up summary and detail information using Excel outline functionality. If this check box is cleared, none of the information is rolled up.


In this exercise, you will access nPlosion criteria.

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