DrillDown enables you to select a cell in your report and expand it according to new criteria contained in a special DrillDown layout. This is useful when reporting is based on summary ledgers, as it provides underlying details when and where they are needed.


DrillDown is available from matrix layouts only. However, the layout that displays the results of the DrillDown can be either matrix or tabular. For example, you might produce a financial report using a matrix layout, and then select one of the amounts and drill down to another matrix layout that breaks down the departments and products that were summarized into that amount. From that report, you might select a department/product combination and drill down, this time using a tabular layout that queries the indi vidual sales transactions. This is the end of the DrillDown trail, because you can drill further only from a matrix report.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to drill down a report.



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