You use nPlosion to expand rows or columns containing field criteria. When enabled, nPlosion automatically creates individual rows or columns for each detail value defined in the criteria—whether those values are defined specifically or implicitly (by association with a parent tree node). A detail row or column is generated for the blank value if you are nPloding a tree containing a blank.


You can only enable nPlosion at the row or column level. nVision does not support duplicate detail values when using nPlosion. Trees with duplicate detail values could return incorrect results in nPlosion. To perform nPlosion in such a case, you need to use different trees for the different parts of the report so that nVision would retrieve the overlapping nodes separately.


The nPlosion feature is particularly useful with the DrillDown feature, which enables you to select cells in your report and expand them to intermediate or detailed levels of summarization in an ancillary subreport.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

•Access nPlosion criteria.

•Define nPlosion defaults.

•Use style sheets with nPlosion layouts.

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