Understanding Crystal Reports and PS Query Interactivity



  1. This diagram illustrates the metadata and application data that PeopleSoft Query accesses and the file types to which you can export queries.

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  2. Use PeopleSoft Query Manager to extract information from PeopleSoft applications without having to write SQL statements.


    After retrieving the data, you can export the data to various report formatting applications.

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  3. In PeopleSoft applications:

    • Query Manager stores query designs in the PeopleTools tables.

    • The query retrieves data from the application tables.

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  4. For queries to interact with Crystal Reports, a database connection must be present as shown in this diagram.

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  5. The PeopleSoft Open Query ODBC driver and Application Programming Interface (API) enable third-party tools, such as Crystal Reports, to access PeopleSoft Query definitions and data.

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  6. When you access PeopleSoft Query from Crystal Reports, you take advantage of these features:

    •  Ability to run stored PeopleSoft queries.

    •  PeopleSoft record, row, and user security.

    •  PeopleSoft Query access groups.

    •  Access to all supported PeopleSoft databases.

    •  Effective-dated output.

    •  Translate values.

    •  International translations.

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