When PeopleSoft Process Scheduler is set to perform a periodic purge on the System Purge page in the system settings, it triggers the Application Engine program PRCSYSPURGE. This program purges both the Process Request and Report Manager tables. As part of the Report Manager cleanup, it also purges the reports from the Report Repository and archives the data into the Report Archive table.

The PRCSYSPURGE program:

• Updates statistics to all of the process request tables before deleting content.

• Purges all process requests with a last update date that is past the Days Before Purge value for the specified run statuses.

• Deletes all of the subdirectories in the Log_Output directory that are associated with the process requests that are purged from the process request table if the Purge Process Files option was selected.

• Purges the report repository tables with expired dates, based on the specified number of retention days.

• Deletes all directories from the report repository that are associated with processes that were purged from the report repository tables.

• Schedules the Application Engine PRCSRVCLN program if more than one active Process Scheduler server exists.

• PRCSRVCLN refreshes the Log/Output directory for all active servers.

• Purges the BusinessObjects Enterprise XI report repository.

• Schedules the Application Engine PSXPARCHATTR program for XML Publisher reports to archive report-related metadata and the URLs of the report files.

In this topic, you will review the system purge options.

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