Understanding Additional Query Options



  1. Use the Query Administration - Settings page to set additional options such as enabling the query time-out feature and running query statistics.

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  2. The Query Timeout feature applies to queries that are run in Query Manager and Query Viewer. This feature does not apply to scheduled queries.


    You can select or clear the Enable Query Timeout option to enable or disable the query timeout feature on a system-wide basis. The timeout values are stored in each permission list.

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  3. By default, the Query Statistics feature is disabled.


    Oracle PeopleSoft recommends that you use the Query Statistics feature only for analysis, and that you not leave it enabled on an ongoing basis. Enabling this feature may compromise the performance and the system may have an increased possibility of query timeouts or may return query results with zero values. This recommendation also applies to users of queries in reports.


    You can select or clear the Run Query Statistics option to enable or disable the Query Statistics feature on a system-wide basis.

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