As part of PeopleSoft Process Scheduler, Report Manager provides several methods of viewing reports, based on the level of access granted. For example, only users who are assigned to a Report Manager Administration role in PeopleSoft Security can delete reports from the database using the Report Manager - Administration page.


Using Report Manager, you can see all of the reports that you are authorized to view by opening your report list in a browser. Folders are provided to assist in organizing reports and reducing the size of the report lists.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Describe Report Manager.

• Administer Report Manager.

• Activate service operations.

• Configure the Integration Gateway.

• Add folders.

• Change report folder and distribution.

• Delete reports from the report repository.

• Administer reports.

• View reports as a user.

• Purge reports.

• Use MyReports paglet.


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