Understanding the Activities to Implement Process Scheduler



  1. Configuring Process Scheduler General Settings


    To maintain a single-row table that stores system-wide parameters and system defaults, you perform the following steps:

    1. Define system setting.

    2. Define process type definitions.

    3. Define process definitions.

    4. Define recurrence definition.

    Step 1
  2. Configuring Process Security


    To secure access to the processes, you perform the following steps:

    1. Configure permission lists, roles, and user profiles.

    2. Set up Process Scheduler privileges and profiles.

    3. Grant PeopleSoft Process Scheduler system administration role.

    Step 2
  3. Setting Server Definitions


    To set up server definitions, you perform the following steps:

    1. Create server definitions.

    2. Define report nodes.

    3. Define daemon groups.

    4. Define batch timings.

    Step 3
  4. Configuring Jobs and JobSets


    To run several processes in one batch, you perform the following steps to define jobs and jobsets:

    1. Create job definitions.

    2. Define scheduled jobsets.

    Step 4

In summary, the following activities are necessary to implement PeopleSoft Process Scheduler:

• Configure Process Scheduler general settings.

• Configure process security.

• Set server definitions.

• Configure jobs and jobsets.

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