Running an Existing Query Using Query Viewer



  1. Begin by navigating to the Query Viewer search page.


    Click the Reporting Tools link.

    Step 1
  2. Click the Query Viewer link.

    Step 2
  3. Use the Query Viewer search page to define search criteria for the existing query.

    Step 3
  4. Enter the desired information into the begins with field. Enter

     a valid value

    Step 4
  5. Click the Search button.

    Step 5
  6. Queries that meet the criteria you entered display under Search Results. Notice the AD705___REGION_TABLE query is displayed.


    From here you can open a query in a new browser window, download a query to an Excel spreadsheet, schedule a query to run, or add a query to your Favorites.

    Step 6
  7. Open the AD705___REGION_TABLE query in a new browser window.


    Click the HTML link.

    Step 7
  8. The AD705___REGION_TABLE query appears in a new window. The default view will always display a maximum of 100 rows.  You can print your results using the browser print function.

    Step 8
  9. Click the Close button.

    Step 9

You have successfully used Query Viewer to search for and view a query. Query Viewer is a read-only version of Query Manager, which enables security administrators to easily limit user access to queries.

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