PeopleSoft Query enables you to perform advanced operations, such as expression and joins, on the data. Expressions are calculations that PeopleSoft Query performs as part of a query. You use them when you must calculate a value that PeopleSoft Query does not provide by default. For example, to add the values from two fields together or to multiply a field value by a constant.


Another feature of Query is the ability to set up run-time prompts as criteria in your queries. With run-time prompts, a user enters a value for a specific field at the time he or she executes the query.


Query Manager also enables you to create queries that include multiple-table joins. Joins retrieve data from more than one table, presenting the data as if it came from one table. A PeopleSoft query links the tables, based on common columns, and links the rows in two tables by common values in the shared columns.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Define expressions for a query.

• Create a query with a runtime prompt.

• Create a record hierarchy join.

• Create a related record join.


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