Understanding Menu Items



  1. The File menu lists actions that save or print reports. You can use this menu to change Crystal Reports settings or exit Crystal Reports. Some of these options are also available through the various toolbars.

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  2. The Edit menu lists various data entry functions to use when you create a report. These options are also available through the toolbar and function keys.

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  3. The View menu lists navigation options and layout tools to create a report.

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  4. The Insert menu lists various options of text and other objects you can insert into a report you create.

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  5. The Format menu lists various options to format text, add borders, activate wizards, and more as you create a report.

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  6. The Database menu lists various database options you use to refresh the data in your report, log on to the database server, set locations, remove data from a report, and more.

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  7. The Report menu lists various report options, edit record and sort options, wizards, and more.

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  8. The Window menu lists various options to change the view of your Crystal Reports window.

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  9. The Help menu lists various help options available from Crystal Reports.

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