Text boxes are generic fields inserted on a report such as report titles and page numbers. You can format text boxes in a number of ways to enhance their appearance in a report. The formatting options described in this topic apply to all text boxes in a report, regardless of type.


In this topic, you want to make the Admissions report easier to read by formatting the text objects added to the report. To do that, you will make the following changes to the report:

• The Report Title field: Change the font style to Bold, size to 14, and centralize it.

• The Page Header fields: Make them bold and increase their font size by one point.

• The Report Date text field: Make it bold and italicized.

• The Data Date field: Ensure that the format is System Default Short format and make it bold.

• The Page Number field: Change the number format to System Default Number format.

• Finally, you will preview the report.

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