Adding a prompt allows you to further refine a query when you run it. For example, suppose you wanted to change a query so that you could prompt the user to enter a value for the duration of a vacation. Prior to adding the prompt, the query always retrieved rows for employees who have taken vacation based on a defined constant value on which to make a comparison. Adding a prompt to the query enables the user to enter any duration, then the query can return employees based on the value provided when running the query.


When you run a query with a prompt, a dialog box appears for you to specify the required value. Enter the value into the text box. The query uses the value that you enter as the comparison value for the criterion that included the prompt.


If the field for which you are prompting has an associated prompt table (even if it is the Translate table), the Edit Table drop-down list box shows its name.


In this topic, the Records Office staff has requested a query that shows grade information. You need to create a query that allows the user to specify at run-time a term and student ID. The query must also list the students' grades.


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