Generating formatted output in Crystal involves two steps. First,you create and save queries in PeopleSoft Query, and then you create report definitions in Crystal to format the fields (columns) used in the queries. After you have created and saved the report definitions, you can print reports that are easy to read and understand. You can generate reports in a variety of different formats, including ASCII files, Microsoft Word documents, and spreadsheets.


Crystal report definitions do not usually contain actual data from your database, so each time you use the reports, PeopleSoft Query retrieves the most recent data from your database. This ensures that your printed reports always contain up-to-date information. However, if you want to track changes over time, you can choose to save data with a report.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Create a report.

• Create mailing labels.

• Create a report template.

• Create a report using a template.

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