Cross-tabs display data in a summarized format by using rows and columns similar to a spreadsheet. Using cross-tabs makes it easy to view a large amount of data in a compact space inside your report, and therefore makes it easier to analyze totals. A cross-tab object is a grid that returns values based on the row and column criteria that you specify.


Crystal Reports offers two ways to use cross-tabs:

1) Create a report and use a cross-tab object at the end of the report to summarize the information.

2) Create a cross-tab report where all pertinent information in the report is inside the cross-tab object.


In a cross-tab object, the number displayed at the intersection of a row and a column represents a summary of the values that meet the row and the column criteria.


In this topic, you are required to facility details based on the Room Capacity report. You decide to create a cross-tab object in the Room Capacity report to summarize the data in a cross-tab format.

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