In Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, the categorized content feature of the content management system enables you to categorize data originating from many sources. You can incorporate content from file servers and web servers together with manually added entries and place them in the categorized content hierarchy. Users then search this folder hierarchy to locate relevant documents. By granting access to the folders, you control which users, by user ID or role, can edit, publish, and view data.


Folder administrators and content authors can populate the hierarchy manually. But, you can also import content in bulk, using the content categorization spider, a web crawler program that will retrieve folders and documents from a local file server or from a remote website. You can automatically update your portal with the information that you consider pertinent, and retain the information where you deem necessary. You control the crawler, telling it what type of content to retrieve, where to look, and how much information to recall. Using Process Scheduler to refresh folders, you can keep your information current by the day, or even hour.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Describe the content categorization spider.

• Identify data source folders and files.

• Create a spider run control entry.

• Associate a content source with a folder.

• Run the categorization spider.

• Make categorized content available on another site.

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