The Purge/Inactivate page is used to set parameters for the Purge/Inactivate process, an Application Engine program. The Purge/Inactivate process can be set up to execute one of several actions depending on the selected feature within the content management system:

Delete Past Versions deletes the noncurrent versions of a piece of content. Only the last approved version and any successive versions of the content are retained.

Purge Items deletes content, folders, or both from the system. This action excludes folders that do not allow deletes and content in folders that do not allow deletes.

Set Inactive Date updates the inactive date for the selected content.

Unpublish Content changes the content’s status from published to pending (or blank).


Only items that meet all of the selection criteria will be processed.


Warning! Use care in selecting and processing items from this page. Content or folders that are purged from the system cannot be retrieved.


In this example, you will purge managed content within a specified range of content IDs.

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