Understanding the Content Categorization Spider



  1. Using the Content Categorization Spider


    There are two procedures for creating categorized content: manually and automatically with the content categorization spider. Using the content categorization spider to automatically populate categorized content folders consists of these high-level steps:

    1. Identify data source folders and files.

    2. Create a spider run control entry, which defines the content source.

    3. Associate the content source with a folder.

    4. Run the categorization spider.


    This lesson covers steps 1 through 4 of the preceding process flow. The following diagram highlights the content categorization spider along with the manual steps for creating categorized content.


    Note. The manual process for creating categorized content is covered in another lesson.

    Step 1

In summary, you can import content in bulk, using the content categorization spider, a web crawler program that will retrieve folders and documents from a local file server or from a remote website.

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