In Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, action items are assignments or tasks that are assigned to people across groups and require some sort of activity, monitoring, or event to take place before they can be considered complete. Action items can be tracked through summary homepage pagelets, through inquiry pages, as well as through email notification and calendar entries. These items are organized into groups called “action item lists.” Action items appear in the list as a flat view, with no nested hierarchy.


Action item list membership can be assigned by user or by role. List privileges include the ability to view the list (viewer), create and edit items (contributor), and administer the list (administrator).


Action items can be accessed through portals, sites, and collaborative workspaces.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Create an action item list.

• Manage action item list security.

• Create an action item.

• Manage action items.

• Publish an action item list pagelet.

• Add an action item list to your homepage.

• Review action items.

• Work with the Tasks pagelet.

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